Yes, we know our doctor’s do amazing things but actually seeing a case from start to finish right through to the end result, just confirms how amazing our doctors really are.

Here are some before and after pics of a procedure performed by Dr. Dennis Wolf. The patient is still in his recovery period after 2 weeks as the swelling and fluid still needs to reduce but safe to say a success.

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3 comments on “VASER HI-DEF REVEALED!
  1. vicky says:

    I had smart lipo a few years ago – a little effective but not that much so. Low and behold a few years later even the surgeons claim they were disappointed with the results. . Was really considering vaser, but Im shocked that the revelation is ‘get vaser and get a six pack’. If you lose fat you do NOT get a 6 pack. That is totally different. I train hard and its difficult to maintain. Losing fat does not give you muscle bulk. It worries me that this is the claim and i think its very wrong. Wh dont you just focus on the fat reduction. The silly claims have now put me off. If you want a six pack, go and work your muscles and reduce your fat intake. I was hoping that vaser would reduce fat pockets that wont move but im worried about falling for false claims again.

    • valentina.petrone says:

      Hi Vicky, thanks for getting in touch. Vaser Lipo is indeed a more advanced technique than Smart Lipo and results are fantastic. Many of our patients have been over the moon about there results but it is important to say, and as you have pointed out, if results aren’t to the doctors and your expectations then they will spend the time and get a patient back in until a good result is acheived. They do not feel good if a patient isn’t happy with their result and it is important to remember that. What you have commented on here is a treatment called Vaser High-Definition, different to Vaser Lipo. What they do with Vaser High-Def is to melt and remove the fat through a suction process like Vaser Lipo, but then using a smaller cannula, they work very superficially to sculpt around your muscles. This treatment is not for those who are overweight but moreso for those, who lead a healthy lifestyle, do work out but the results aren’t as prominent as they would like. Many get stubborn areas of fat and it is these that the doctors work on and sculpt to acheive and athletic toned physique. Vaser Lipo works on the stubborn areas of fat to create a silhouette.

      I would be more than happy to discuss Vaser Lipo with you, either call us or email me back and I can talk you through it. I can understand that you maybe worried, it is a big procedure and not something to take lightly, but I can assure you that we do not make false claims. Happy to talk.


  2. vicky says:

    and by the way my last post relates to smartlipo i had done with mike cummings about 4 years ago. A great surgeon and he did redo my smart lipo as he was just as disappointed as i was with my results when i had the surgery at Hanes place.